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The Ethiopia heritage trust is a non – political, non-religions and non-profit making voluntary Organization founded by private individuals who wish to make a personal contribution forwards stopping the decay and destruction of the his tore buildings and national environment of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian heritage Trust covers all over the country in which heritage conservation Restoration and management practices has been implemented, especially as far as the natural heritage conservation. Concerned it covers all Agro-ecological zones (i.e) the natural resource were depleted and treatment.

The objectives of the Trust mainly are preservation, Conservation, Restoration and maintenance of his topical cultural man-made and natural heritages and work in collaboration with similar organizations and institutions whose objectives are enhancing and foresting the aforementioned objection. The Trust also promotes and educates and indispensability of the values of heritages with a view of bringing the threats to the attention to the public at large in general and the government in particular.


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