Natural Conservation

The first project of the Ethiopian Heritage Trust is focused on natural conservation on the mountain of Entoto and establishment of Natural Park. The Natural Park is expected to be used for recreation and environmental education as well as tourist attraction. Based on Bole in the restored 128-year –old house of  Ras Kebede Mengesha the Trust has been planting indigenous trees with in the park through the participation of volunteer members of the Trust, students of various high schools of Addis Ababa.

Achievements Recorded at Entoto Natural Park

  • 500 hectares of land have been covered by indigenous trees,
  • The Trust constructed 200 terrace,
  • 15 km of check dam have been constructed by the Trust,
  • The Trust has been constructed 10 km of paths with in the park,
  • Constructed nursery on 4 hectares of land
  • Since 1998; 3,000,000 seedlings have been planted by the Trust
  • Due to the Trust’s effort 13 springs have been developed,
  • The Trust planted fruit trees like apple, prim through its agro forestry project.
  • The preservation and restoration of the park result in the coming back of wild animals to their natural habitat.
  • 30% of the area of the park are being covered by shrubs and herbaceous plants,
  • Erosion is mitigated at Entoto Natural Park
  • The trust established Beekeeping by collecting about 20 traditional hives as a heritage and more than 10 modern hives,
  • In collaboration with UNICEF, planted indigenous trees in 52 elementary schools located in 5 different regions,
  • The Trust has received awards:


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